Copper Foam Battery- Energy Sponge!

Prieto’s No Liquid Electrolyte Battery:

Advances in battery energy and safety are critical, as lower priced energy storage is going to be an increasingly significant  part of our energy delivery systems. Already, the price for a kilowatt hour of electric cars has been reduced significantly (currently somewhere near 145/kw)- however, for such transportation to truly become mainstream, those costs must fall to far less than half that.

One new approach to solving the affordability issue is the concept of ¬†“3D” batteries. One such 3D device features a set of new concepts from startup Prieto Battery. Power generated can be stored throughout the medium. ¬†Additionally, the battery has no conventional liquid electrolyte – which makes for a much safer battery with little to no hazardous waste at the end of its life cycle.


Prietio Battery Tech


The chemistry of the battery itself is quite innovative- featuring both higher capacities and faster recharge times (perhaps the holy grail of advanced battery research).

Technology Review has posted an excellent overview of this promising technology from Prieto.




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